Total Lunar Eclipse in Maine

When was the last time you saw a total lunar eclipse? Probably in May when the first one of the year appeared over Maine. There's one more in 2022 with the next one in three years.

When Will You See It and at What Time?

If you missed the Spring total lunar eclipse, you have a chance to see one Tuesday morning, November 8, 2022. It’s going to happen early, but not too early. The full length of the eclipse will last about an hour and a half from 5:16 a.m. to 6:41 a.m. With the recent time change, that’s not too bad. A lot of us are already up and at it by then.

Next Total Lunar Eclipse

The next total eclipse of the heart - sorry, the song just comes to mind - the next total lunar eclipse will be in three years. Now is the time to get up and out and get a good look at it. There will be partial eclipse off and on all year.

Who Will See it?

The views will be good in Maine depending on the weather. It's supposed to be clear to partly cloudy. Most of the world will be able to get a glimpse of the rare occurrence except for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Places like the Pacific and Australia will see it at sunset, just to put it in perspective.

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Planetary Event Also Happening

You will also be able to see the planet Uranus right next to the moon. It looks like a bright star. This is some far off galactic stuff going on. The moon will be 242,740 miles away from earth. It is a blood moon eclipse too which will make the visual appear a reddish-orange color.


Best Ways to Watch + Online Resources

Use a telescope or even binoculars to get a better look. There are a couple of good online sources to watch the eclipse. The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles will livestream (the place in "Rebel Without A Cause"). You can also see it at The Virtual Telescope Project in Italy.

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