Codiac Regional RCMP have been able to return more than $23,000 in cash, several pieces of jewelry and letters of sentimental value to a woman who had lost the items nearly 10 months ago in the Moncton area.


Police say the bag and its contents belonged to a woman in her 80’s from Nova Scotia who had been involved in an unusual incident last August.  She was moving and had hired another woman to drive her from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

As the women were driving through the Moncton area, they apparently had an argument, which resulted in the elderly woman getting out of the car and taking her bag with her. She did not want to travel further with the woman and hid in the woods, according to Sgt. Aurele Pelletier.

The woman was able to flag down a trucker who then called police. She was taken to hospital and was treated for cuts, scratches and bug bites from being in the woods.

She informed police she had lost a bag but could not say exactly where.  A search with the help of the police dog was unable to locate the bag and its contents, Pelletier said.

Recently, a local resident found the women's bag in the woods and turned it over to police. On Monday, the Nova Scotia woman went to the Codiac RCMP detachment to collect her lost belongings.

“She was speechless when we called to let her know the bag had been found,” said Sgt. Pelletier. “She said she’s been praying since August that the bag be found.”

Police say the person who found the bag wishes to remain anonymous.