Houlton police arrested a man Sunday morning in connection with an alleged attack on a man at a party.

Houlton Police Chief Joe McKenna said Monday 32-year-old  Leonard Devoe, Jr. has been charged in connection with the beating of another man at a Shiretown residence.

Houlton Police Dept.
Houlton Police Dept.

McKenna said officers responded to a call about a stabbing just after 5 a.m. Sunday at 8 Maliseet Drive. A 32-year-old Mars Hill man was found with serious face and head injuries. Devoe was injured with what at first appeared to be a stab wound.

Investigation determined an all-night party had been going on at the home and an argument over an alleged stolen electronic cigarette escalated .

McKenna says Devoe is accused of beating the second man. The alleged stab wound subsequently turned out to be an abrasion picked up during the fighting, likely from an attempt by the Mars Hill man, Brandon Boyd, to defend himself with a pocket knife.

Boyd is being treated at Houlton Regional Hospital and will not be charged.

Devoe Jr. was remanded to Aroostook County Jail in Houlton on bail violations for a previous undisclosed offense.

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