The snow is melting which means our beloved snowmobile trails are disappearing also. However, the folks in Houlton have a way to still use them in the spring.

In 2010, the Maine Potato Feast Celebration in Houlton, Maine was rockin'. Rockin' with snowmobile's that is.

It was not uncommon to see snowmobiles flying through the air, back flipping, as stunt riders took the experience to a whole new level. Motorcycle stuntmen were showing off their stuff as well.

We will always endeavor to give the age-old disclaimer, "Don't try this at home", however, there are "other" ways to use a snowmobile as seen in the video below.

Last time I checked my Polaris Snowmobile manual, it didn't recommend any of these stunts. So, approach and ride with caution, but enjoy the video.


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