There's been quite a bit of snow falling from the sky and landing all around you. Rather than stay inside, how about having a little fun outside with these wintry tricks.

Wintery weather can help to produce some really cool eye candy for those who dare to brave the cold outdoors and attempt the unknown.

Here are 5 ways to entertain friends, family, the neighbors, kids, and you as we dig in for a long, cold and snowy winter.


  • 1

    Reboot Your Brain and Blood Pressure

    This guy is absolutely nuts! This will wake you up quicker than a coffee from your favorite coffee house.

  • 2

    Watch A Bubble Freeze

    You can buy a bubble set from your local dollar store and blow, baby, blow!

  • 3

    Pop A Top....Again!

    When you attempt this show-stopper, ensure that you do this outside, with goggles and an old jacket that you don't mind getting messy. *Explosion not included*

  • 4

    Create Snow With Boiling Water

    Watch as 'Sippy' guides you through this step-by-step process of creating snow with boiling water. Don't forget your protective gear!

  • 5

    The Banana Hammah!

    Mainers will really love this one because they can do this indoors with a frozen banana. How many nails can you sink with the banana hammah?

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