Canadian Press is reporting that New Brunswick's NDP leader has resigned citing "endless internal battles" within the party. 

Dominic Cardy, who has led the New Brunswick party since 2011, issued a statement Sunday saying he cannot lead a party where a "tiny minority of well-connected members refuse" to accept the democratic will of its membership.

Dominic Cardy (Twitter)
Dominic Cardy (Twitter)

Cardy said his "progressive" platform has been thwarted by party members at both the provincial and federal levels, saying the NDP is "one-stop shop ... whether you like it or not."

He said the federal New Democrats stance that Syria is "'not our fight'" goes against the party's "proud history of internationalism" and is antithetical to his beliefs.

Cardy said forces in the New Brunswick NDP, in collusion with the province's largest public sector union, have organized "not to win elections, but to fight endless internal battles."

He said the same "infighting" and "destructive forces" that resulted in the party's electoral shut-out from the legislature will lead to another loss in the next provincial election.

Cardy announced that his intention to step down after New Democrats didn't win any seats in the 2014 provincial election but stayed on following the party's council unanimous rejection of his resignation.

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