You're probably thinking, "Wow - This is an untimely, morbid subject!" Morbid, maybe. Untimely? Not so much as Mainer's are choosing cremation at a pretty fast pace.

According to a recent Associated Press story, traditional burial seems to be taking a turn for the worse as more and more people across the country are wanting cremation, as their 'burial of choice.'

A report that came out this month - July - from the National Funeral Director's Association states that cremations are becoming the burial option that many people are taking.

Maine is one of 12 states where that trend is growing the fastest.

The Bangor Daily News reports that about 72-percent of Mainer's who have died, chose cremation over traditional burial.

The reasons for this trend are, no doubt, numerous, but I tend to apply the old adage here which is, "Follow the money."

Cremation, for the most part, is much cheaper than the cost of traditional burial and that could be one reason for the fast-growing trend.

Not to mention that the living are able to take their loved-ones ashes and either spread them over the ocean, turn them into a tattoo, place them in a decorative vile and hang them around their neck, or they can grace any mantle, in an urn of course, over their fireplace.

There are many creative methods if you're contemplating on what to do with cremated ashes of a loved one or a friend.

This brings us to this question for you: How do you wish to go? Would you like to be cremated, buried, or is there another method you might choose when your appointed time comes knocking on your door?

Take our quick poll below and tell us what you think.



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