One of the things that help bring a smile to any region is the fun features that are available for the public. There are many museums and tours here in the County.

Community Spotlight caught up with Kim Smith, Secretary-Treasurer for the Presque Isle Historical Society and she turned a few pages and talked about some of the great museums and tours they have lined up for us this year.

According to Smith,

"We (the Historical Society) have over 10 different types of tours that operate regularly throughout the season. We have 2 museums that are open and, of course, we have 'Molly the Trolley', who is always a popular attraction in town. We have a couple of new tours this year, which we are excited about this year."

These tours run all through the summer.

One of the tours will take the public on the trolley to the place where Jim Cullen lived. Cullen was the only man to be lynched in New England.

The tour will highlight how the history of Cullen was shared between Mapleton and Presque Isle, what he did and where he was buried.

Smith also talked about the Victorian Christmas which will be on display at the Vera Estey House in Presque Isle.

For more information about upcoming events and tours, you may contact the Presque Isle Historical Society at 207-762-1151 or email them at

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