When life ends, it's not necessarily the home we owned or the car we drove, but people remember us by the wake we leave behind. Larry Hall left behind quite the wake.

There's recently been a lot of buzz about a new fund available for students in the name of someone who dedicated his life to teaching student's, while he was alive, and his name was Larry Hall or Mr. Hall as many of his Ashland students called him.

When Larry Hall passed away last year (2018), the community lost a true hallmark.

Community Spotlight caught up with Chris Morton, the "M" in KMH Music in Presque Isle, to talk about the newly formed Larry Hall Memorial Fund.

Who Was Larry Hall?

Larry Hall was born on March 11, 1943, and graduated from Houlton High School. After graduating, Mr. Hall served honorably with the US Army during the Vietnam War.

He started teaching music in 1962 at the age of 19 and then began teaching with the Ashland School District. He also managed Aroostook Music in Presque Isle as well.

Because of his love for teaching, he had the opportunity to share his knowledge and love for music to hundreds of youngsters in the Aroostook County area for decades along with his trusty guitar, "Suzie."

Before Mr. Hall's passing, he was also a part owner at KMH Music and was a member of the Star City Syndicate, Aroostook River Voices, Just Folk Singers, and former lead singer of the Larry Hall Band, to name a few.

One vignette about Mr. Hall that really showed his love for kids and their instruments was when he would fix youngsters musical instruments, he wrote, "One chocolate chip cookie" as the charge the slip.

Although he will be missed, his legacy lives on with the Larry Hall Memorial Fund.

What Is The Larry Hall Memorial Fund?

The fund was set up by Mr. Hall's son and some other folks in the community who wanted to see Mr. Hall's dream live on.

Therefore, a fund has been set up to help kids who are learning an instrument, in a band, or are currently taking music lessons.

If you would like to take advantage of the funds or to donate, you can get more information by simply visiting either Chris or Randy at KMH Music in Presque Isle, or you and your child can contact your band teacher, who should be aware of the fund.





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