Cardi B was left shaken after her private plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

The rapper's flight was traveling from Los Angeles to New York City late Sunday night or early Monday morning when it made an unscheduled touchdown in Chicago instead. Cardi, 26, detailed the harrowing experience on Instagram, swearing off flying private.

"I'm stuck in Chicago. We had to do an emergency landing in Chicago," she said. "Let me tell you something, Mo. I'm not taking no more f---ing jets. I don't give a f---, bro. These type of s---s don't happen on f--ing Delta."

TMZ learned the pilot flying Cardi's plane was suffering from "some serious stomach issues during the flight, causing the emergency landing." The plane was then diverted to O'Hare Airport due to a weather-related runway closure at Midway Airport.

Cardi was able to hop on a commercial flight and then catch a helicopter to get where she was going, per her Instagram stories. It doesn't appear Offset or Kulture were traveling with her during this ordeal.

"You cannot say a b---- don't take her job seriously," she said. "Oh my god, I'm so scared."

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