Maine is now the first New England state and the third in the nation to offer an option that allows drivers to post 'gender-neutral' designation on their driver's license.

According to the Bangor Daily News, beginning Monday, June 18, drivers will be allowed to change the gender on their licenses from 'male' or 'female' to 'gender non-binary' can apply at any BMV branch office where they will be given a sticker to be placed on their license that reads 'Gender has been changed to X-non-binary.'

The decision comes as a result from a case stemming from a Maine Human Rights Commission complaint in 2017, that involved a filing from a South Portland resident who was denied a request for a license with a gender designation other than male or female.

An Equality Maine attorney represented the individual in an ensuing period of litigation.

The third gender option provides an alternative to residents who do not identify as female or male, which were the only two options on Maine driver's licenses until now.


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