It was a typical afternoon in Presque Isle as the bus driver was dropping off kids at their homes. What she saw in the front yard on Lombard Street was quite a surprise!

My daughter came rushing into the house Thursday afternoon, after being dropped off after school. As she and her neighborhood friend were getting ready to get off the bus, they noticed a Bobcat strolling in the front yard.

She came in saying it was a Lynx, however, the footprints it left behind proved to be too small for a Lynx. Instead, it was determined that a Bobcat was walking through the neighborhood and heading into the wood line just behind our house.

My wife, being the adventurer that she is, donned the snowshoes, took Jack, our Cairn Terrier, and headed out toward the wood line to see if she could catch a glimpse at the wild feline.

In all the effort, she came back wanting as the bobcat was already gone. 

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Townsquare Media

However, she was able to measure some of the tracks it left behind. That's when she determined that it was not a Lynx, but rather a Bobcat.

When my wife measured the tracks in the snow, they came out to be about 5 inches. A Lynx would be about 9 or so inches.

Regardless, it was quite the after school treat for the kids and the bus driver. Hopefully next time, "Yours Truly" will get to see it as well.


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