The Office is one of my favorite television shows of all time.

Whether you watched it when it first aired, or become a fan after binge watching all the seasons on Netflix, almost everyone I know is a fan of this show.

Plus, there are a ton of connections to New England. Steve Carrell is from Concord, Ma and still has a general store in Marshfield Hills.   John Krasinski is a Boston boy, and BJ Novak is from Newton, Ma.

It seems like they all make it a point to get back home often.  BJ, who played Ryan on the show, and was also one of the writers, just stopped by Cape Cod!


B.J. has a great sense of humor as you can tell from his Insta posts.  My family and friends would definitely be mad at me too for getting a free trip!

I love that they all get back so often, and share pictures too!


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