Using the numerous complaints from neighbors, authorities were able to arrest and charge two Bangor people for trafficking fentanyl. There was 1.5 pounds of fentanyl seized from this investigation.

53-Year-old Craig Pelkey and 37-year-old Sarah Denbow of Bangor were both charged with Class "A" aggravated trafficking of schedule W drugs. MDEA agents from the North Central task forced based in Bangor, executed a warrant in the early hours of Wednesday, June 16. The agents had obtained sufficient information the evening of June 15th, for the search warrant to be issued. The Bangor Police Department played a significant role in the investigation.

Here is some evidence and some of the story

The estimated street value of the drugs seized is $67,000. Craig Pelkey and Sarah Denbow both lived in an apartment near the corner of Warren street and Sanford street in Bangor. The location of the apartment is also less than 1,000 feet from the City of Bangor Park and it is legally designated a "Drug Free Zone"


Let's meet Sarah and Craig


If the name Sarah Denbow looks familiar to you that's because she was out on bail for an aggravated drug trafficking arrest from 2020. The arrest for the most recent charge was a violation of her conditions of release. Denbow was still out on bail because there has not yet been a ruling in the case from her previous arrest.


But wait, there's more...

Craig Pelkey and Denbow were sent to Penobscot County jail after the arrest. Pelkey's bail was set at $80,000. The press release stated that there could be additional arrests from this investigation.

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There are many people to applaud in getting the deadly drugs off the streets of Bangor. First of all, the neighborhood who watched and properly acted in their instincts, we thank you. This is another job well done by the law enforcement who took the complaints and acted upon them professionally. The cooperative work of the citizens and law enforcement has made a place where kids play more safe!

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