Ashanti got the internet all worked up after she posted some smokin' bikini pics on Instagram. In the pics, she's rocking a sexy all-white two-piece with matching baseball cap and sneakers.

"Well............ because I didn't wanna wear heels," she captioned a photo. "#7s#yourstilettosarestuckinthegrass 😩."

The R&B star playfully posted about the pooch next to her in the pic and more about her kicks.

"This guy just couldn't let me live!! 😩 My nephew @lilbougiee #7's," she captioned one of the pics.

Ashanti also reflected on almost signing with Bad Boy back in the late 90s.

"I sat in Puffs office when I was 13... which is when I met Notorious B.I.G.," she wrote. "🙌🏾We almost did a deal but I ended up in a different situation... the next time I saw Puff was after "Foolish" exploded it was hilarious and he gave me the biggest hug!!! 😂Always been love #cantstopwontstop @diddy"

Ashanti's body is definitely #FitnessGoals. Get this woman a bigger spotlight, folks.

Check out her pics below.

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