The Maine State Police presented the Colonel’s award to Dennis Kennedy from Grand Isle for his actions in helping a Trooper in a dangerous altercation.

Kennedy received the award for assisting Trooper James Leonard in November of last year after a stopped motorist threatened to kill the officer and was grabbing at his waist near his firearm, said Colonel Cote of the Maine State Police. 

The incident happened around 11:20 a.m. on November 20, 2020 when Trooper Leanard attempted to stop a Honda Sedan for a traffic violation. The vehicle did not stop and got off I-295 heading towards Freeport, Maine. Cote said the driver started going the wrong way in the northbound lane, but corrected direction as it continued to flee from Trooper Leanard at high speeds. The motorist got stuck in a grassy shoulder and the officer forced the Honda further on the shoulder to prevent it from escaping. The driver fled on foot and was caught by Trooper Leanard where a confrontation ensued, said Cote. Dennis Kennedy and another motorist, Paul Gioia, helped the officer. Trooper Leanard was able to arrest the driver and take him into custody. The whole incident was detailed in an excerpt from Col. Cote.

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Maine State Police Troop F posted on their Facebook about how they got the Colonel’s award to Dennis Kennedy. The award was initially sent to Kennedy’s home in South Carolina. He had since moved to Grand Isle and his mother got the award in the mail. His mother, his wife and a friend organized a surprise presentation at his workplace on Thursday, August 26, 2021. The post said Kennedy had no idea he was getting the award and was surprised by a large gathering of family and friends.

Congratulations to Dennis Kennedy for assisting a Trooper in need. This is a great way to honor his actions and the work and dedication of Trooper Leanard.

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