Another Enormous Lobster

Apparently it's giant lobster season, because another monster was caught and has gone viral.

100-Year-Old Lobster

Maine lobsterman Blake Haass posted these videos his TikTok feed. This giant lobster looks immensely heavy, with claws the size of oven mitts. Admittedly, it's one impressive beast.

It's also not the first giant lobster to go viral this week. Another lobsterman and TikTok star, Jacob Knowles, caught a lobster he estimated as being over 100 years old. His video, along with his generational theories, were a big hit nationwide.

Blake also mentions he would guess his catch is also around 100 years old. It's not surprising, considering the lobster's immense size. And, as I wrote earlier in the article about the Knowles monster, lobsters can have a very long life. According to, Maine lobster can live to at least 100 years old. Numerous reasons play into its ability to live such a long life. Those include living in a cold water environment, and the never-ending molting process.

Lobsters Mate For Life

Blake eventually throws the monster back into the briny depths. As he explains, the lobster is way too oversized to keep. Despite the age, this male is still able to mate and help keep the lobster population hanging around here in Maine. These old lobsters are not just legendary, but very important to the ecosystem.

You can find all sorts of fascinating videos on Blake's TikTok channel. It's a unique look at the profession, even if it's not always 100-year-old lobsters being caught.

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