You never know what you’re going to get with Adam Driver. The actor has continually surprised us over the years as he’s expanded his resume since HBO’s Girls, from poetic bus driver to hillbilly criminal in this week’s Logan Lucky to warrior of the Dark Side. And you can expect the unexpected when it comes to his Kylo Ren, too.

Driver sat down with Willie Geist on Sunday Today (h/t The Hollywood Reporter) to chat about his career. When asked about whether fans will be happy with Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi, Driver said he sure hopes so. Without giving away any specifics (because this is Star Wars, people) Driver said that whatever happens with Kylo in the latest episode will be “unexpected.” Whatever could that mean?! Let’s put on our detective hats and over-analyze the heck out of that 10-letter word.

What would be the truly most unexpected thing for Kylo Ren’s character development? Maybe he decides he’s really not digging this whole villainous thing and just wants to hang out with Luke and the good guys, so he switches alliances. Or maybe he realizes that his birth name was actually a pretty cool name to begin with, so he drops Kylo Ren and rebrands as Jedi nemesis Ben Solo. Wait, wait wait – what if he actually isn’t the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa? What if he’s Yoda wearing a mask and stilts? Is he Darth Vader reincarnated?! Let the fan theories begin!

Okay honestly I have no clue what Driver meant by “unexpected,” but we’re in culture of fan speculation and theorizing, I’m just living in it. Last we saw Kylo Ren he killed his pops then battled Rey in the forest before a ground quake helped him escape. He’s on a dark path not unlike his grandpa, so we can expect to get some heavy Vader vibes from Driver in the next movie. We won’t know much until December 15 when the veil of secrets is finally lifted and Star Wars: The Last Jedi swoops into theaters.

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