ACAP (Aroostook County Action Program)'s Community Health Department is one of 12 sites throughout Maine where a person can access self-exclusion services.

Self-exclusion is defined as the action that a person can take to ban themselves from entering all casinos in Maine for a specific time period. This also entails ending any privileges they have with the casino such as check-cashing services.

Upon having their photo taken and filling out the correct forms, an individual's name is sent to the Gambling Control Board and placed on the self-exclusion list.

The individual has the option of excluding themselves for one, three, or five years. They can also exclude themselves for a lifetime.

ACAP can provide information about problem gambling and where to go for help. 

Should an individual be concerned about their gambling habits, especially if they have trouble resisting the attractions inside the casino that can trigger the desire to gamble, self-exclusion can help keep a person from entering a casino, which can reduce the temptation to gamble.

Self-exclusion is completely voluntary. 

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Signs that a person could have a gambling problem include:

  • Restlessness
  • Irritability or Anxiousness - Especially if they are trying to cut down on gambling, or if they are trying to stop altogether.
  • Hiding how much they gamble
  • Financial Debt due to gambling

Some of these side effects may be in concert with the behavior of those who have tried or who are trying to quit smoking or other habit-forming drugs.

There is no cost for this service.

If you, or someone you know, have any questions about this program, please contact Dawn Roberts, LPN, Community Educator for ACAP at 207-554-4151 or email her at


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