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Winter in Maine is an experience, to say the least. Just the thought of starting my car at 4:30 am, and shoveling part of my driveway out so I can get to work because the plows haven’t come by yet, sends chills down my spine. Also, I live on a busy Bangor street, so that means that city plows come by several times during a storm, and bury me even further. That’s not a positive for sure, but it doesn’t define my take on Maine winters.

On the plus side, a snowfall can look really beautiful, especially when the holiday season is in full swing. There is also sledding, skiing, ice skating, and plenty of other cold weather activities to keep people busy.

When a Maine Reddit user posed the question “Is Visiting Maine In Winter A Good Idea?” There were some pretty great responses.

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The drinks are considerably stronger at some places.

Haha yes! Most of Maine has to heat with Allen’s Coffee Brandy.

If you’ve ever considered moving to Maine full time, then please visit in the winter. You’ll see the flipside of the Down East magazine idyllic summer lobster boat autumn leaves facade. You’ll get to see icy roads, brown slushy snow banks, your breath, and the sun setting at 3:30 in the afternoon.

The brown snowbanks are far worse than early sunsets IMO

But, man, if that fresh white snow doesn't smack you right back to childhood...

I personally think so...but then again I love winter. The downside is, lots of restaurants and shops are closed in the coastal areas for the winter. If you just wanna experience the beauty of Maine, and don't mind being chilly..the winter is a great time. Much more quiet, and a LOT less people than any other time of the year.

heck yeah! i would just advise being ready to drive in it if you’re not used to heavy winter. snow tires if you can afford them. roads can be awful and dangerous in some places. used to live in a rural area with hilly roads. not a fun time.
being closer to the coast and not as up north will be less heavy snow. and the acadia area is beautiful in the winter!

I love Maine in the wintertime. It's not as hot, the beaches can still be walked (on nice winter days) and there's not many visitors around to clog up the good views.
I definitely recommend the visit.

Do you like to hike? If you like to hike, Acadia is one of the most under-recognized places for winter hiking that I can think of. The mountains are small (but beautiful!) so you’re not really risking mortal peril. The carriage roads are wonderful for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.
A part of me will never understand why Acadia seemingly neglects the possibility of winter tourism. But as a former resident of MDI, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the winters without the tourists. It was my favorite time to hike on the island.

My favorite winter place in Maine is Bethel. We ski Mount Abrams as it is very laid back. It is just a gorgeous place to enjoy the snow

Careful that's when Susan Collins comes out to feed.

It's perfect if you're into winter sports, like Playstation, etc...
It's seriously gorgeous a lot of the time, but then it can also resemble a giant, frozen, turd. And apparently I've just figured out I'm now an old lady afraid I'll slip and break a hip... shit.

Depends on the time. November-Late January yes. After that tends to be rough
Some helpful tips. Don’t drive like your from Mass during a snow storm. If you spin her to da ditch we will stop and make sure your not hurt and laugh while you wait on a tow truck. Snow is pretty till you have to clear 20+ inches of it at 3am only to have the asshole driving the plow to shove it all back at the end of the drive. This should be illegal and automatic death sentence. Lastly if your going to come up be smart and don’t act like a tourist. People in Maine are very welcoming to anyone but they got small patience for dumb.

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