A report earlier this week said that NB Liquor plans to cut beer prices for many of its domestic 24-packs, has local craft beer makers concerned.

According to CBC News, because of the plan to cut the price of domestic beer, local craft brewers are thinking that there could be the possibility of consumers hopping the border into Quebec to purchase their beer.

On June 26, beer brands like Coors, Budweiser, Bud Light, Molson Canada, and Alpine, to name a few, will see a decrease from $43 to $35.99.

Kevin Lacey of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation echoed what many consumers have said for some time when he stated, it's about time that the prices dropped. Lacey said that he would like that to extend to other selections and not just for 24-packs.

A spokesman for NB Liquor, Mark Barbour, stated that New Brunswickers had been requesting a decrease in beer for quite some time and now it is coming to fruition.

Barbour also shared that New Brunswick's $7-million price reduction is not being cost shared with the local craft beer brewers which should give consumers more expendable income to purchase local craft beer.

However, local craft brewers may not be able to afford to cut costs on their product which could, eventually, put them out of business.



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