First of all, this list has nothing to do with the fact that I might not be at work Wednesday. But I have been thinking...shouldn't I have something in my back pocket for when friends invite me for drinks at The Naswa on Lake Winnipesaukee? So I did some homework for all of us and came up with an extensive list of excuses:

  • car trouble
  • sick kid
  • doctor's appointment
  • family emergency
  • food poisoning
  • relative's funeral
  • allergic reaction to something
  • have to drive someone to the airport at the last minute
  • migraine
  • flight back to town was cancelled
  • sick pet
  • meeting with kid's camp counselor
  • no electricity
  • getting wisdom teeth removed
  • cramps
  • someone is in the hospital

This is an opportunity to earn your way into heaven by sharing your tried and true skip day excuses with the rest of us. Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #catgotrunover

See you at Sebago Lake next week. Cough, cough.



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