According to News Center Maine, four fire rescue members and a police officer, all from Yarmouth, were injured Friday morning when an outside stairwell they were transporting a patient down collapsed.

Authorities were removing a patient that was experiencing a medical emergency from the third floor of a Yarmouth apartment when the exterior stairwell gave way. The incident occurred early Friday morning at 26 Sligo Road in Yarmouth. The incident is being investigated by the Maine Bureau of Labor as well as Yarmouth's local code enforcement.

According to a Facebook post from the Yarmouth Maine Police Department,

On Friday, November 13, 2020, Yarmouth Fire Rescue and the Yarmouth Police Department responded to 26 Sligo Road for a medical emergency. While removing the patient from a third story apartment at approximately 0552 hours, the exterior stairwell collapsed. In addition to the patient, four YFR personnel, one YPD officer were on the stairwell at the time of the incident.
All people on the stairwell at the time of the incident are being evaluated at Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. Assisting on the scene was an ambulance crew from Freeport.
The Maine Bureau of Labor and local code enforcement have been notified, and the incident is under investigation.
All inquiries regarding this incident should be made to Chief Michael Robitaille, Yarmouth Fire Rescue at 207-846-2410
We will continue to keep this story updated as more details may become available.
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