Mothers have been communicating with their children via handwritten notes for years. Some mothers put more of a humorous spin on their notes than others, however. With Mother's Day right around the corner, we're hoping the children of the moms behind these hilarious notes have something awesome planned for them:



  • 1

    Mom Channels Inner Vanilla Ice

    No matter your age, cleaning isn't fun. Chores aren't SO bad, though, when mom takes from the Vanilla Ice book of parenting and raps the threat of being grounded at you.

  • 2

    Pick a Chore!

    Doing chores doesn't seem all that bad when mom makes it like a gameshow.

  • 3

    Don't Mess With Mom

    This mom takes her clean kitchen very seriously. Don't mess with her. Even if she signs her threats with hearts.

  • 4

    See, Moms Can Be Hip!

    We like this mom's sense of humor. A photo of Andrea's preserved beets, which she cleverly labeled "Beets by Dre" was posted online by her kid, who can never accuse his mom of not being hip.

  • 5

    Only YOU Can Stop Dish Rack Death

    While it's not uncommon for moms to beg for their families to help them with the chores, this mom has a unique approach. Turn on some Sarah McLachlan and only true sociopaths would be able to leave the dishes unwashed after reading this note.