How do you like your potato? Baked? Boiled? Home Fried? French Fried? Mashed? Yes!

Homemade Organic Mashed Potatoes with Gravy for Thanksgiving
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One of Maine’s greatest products is the simple potato. And the hard-working potato-growing farmers in ‘The County’ are feeling optimistic. Sorry to bring up last year, but not only did the crops wither from the heat and drought but with so many restaurants closed, bushels and bushels that were produced ended up being given away.

Don Flannery from the Maine Potato Board told AP News:

“Growing conditions have been good and demand is back as restaurants and cafeterias re-open”

So all we have to figure out is how we want to eat our taters. Just thought of my late father, and when we were kids complaining about having potatoes at every meal, he’d smile and happily tell us we had to eat our ‘tedduhs’, ‘cause they were good for us. I think he was right, once I hit adulthood, I couldn’t get enough of them. But when I fry a leftover potato the next day, it is well done and crispy, but not charred and blackened.

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Here's to spuds and a good year for them.

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