I don't know what it is, but there's something about pizza being one of the #1 go-to foods whenever you need to pick up supper at the last minute or for a party.

There are many good reasons to order a pizza for whatever it is you're doing or for any party you might be hosting, or for rewarding the boys for helping you build the much-needed shed in the backyard, but getting a great pizza can be a challenge.

That's not necessarily the case here in the County. There are many places throughout the crown of Maine to get a good pizza.

In our hunt for the best place to get a pizza, we asked the experts - YOU! You voted and we tallied and here are the results, based on your opinion, on where to get the best pizza.

Just because we loved all of your participation, we're going to add the 6th favorite in the County according to you. TNT Take-Out in Houlton won that spot!

Now that you know where the pizza hotspots are in the County, be sure to get out and support all of these wonderful local businesses that do a great job and serving some really great product to us all!

Thanks for taking the poll. We hope to have another one for you in the near future!





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