A woman in recovery who has discovered a method that has worked well for her, is traveling the country and has recently been in Presque Isle sharing her message.  

The Method

Cassandra Mary Bauer has found success in her program called NowLevelUp, which is a mindfulness practice to help those struggling with addiction set themselves and their minds free. The approach she uses reprograms the individual navigating system from a state of fear, to a system of love.  

Who is Cass? 

Cass is very open about her journey through life and dealing with catastrophic situations such as losing her own brother to an overdose in 2013. She is very open about her past and identifies those people along the way who have helped level her out and be the example of balance and love that we all need.  

I encourage anyone reading this to take the time to visit the NowLevelUp website and seek out more information about this radical approach. It seems that each week we receive releases from area departments about a drug related incident in our communities. Earlier this week, a woman from Fort Fairfield was charged in connection to an overdose of a man from Limestone. Many people in the comments said that we need more resources in the area. The NowLevelUp approach is another avenue to help anyone struggling with addiction and other issues.  

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It's okay. There is hope and help

There is no shame in asking for help, especially when it comes to substance abuse and addiction. You don't have to do this alone, even if you feel you are helpless. I ask that you share this resource with anyone in your life that you know is currently struggling. This could be the approach that works and saves your loved ones.  

Thank you, Cass, for sharing your journey with us and passing along your methods. We hope this helps.

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