For many of us, our pets are just as much a part of our family as our Aunt Maude, probably even more so. With our pets come some pretty unique names which make them special.

There are all kinds of dog names. There are cute ones, befitting ones and some that make you wonder, "Where did they come up with that name?"

For example, the Pit Bull whose name is "Big Head", the Puggle (cross between a Pug and Beagle) named "Lockjaw" as seen from his strong underbite, or the little Terrier named "Paul J. Wagandstuff." aka 'Wags.'

Whatever tickles your fancy or wags your tail, in this case, it really doesn't matter. The dog could really care less what you call her as long as you have a treat for her when you go to the kitchen.

Which brings us to this question - What is the most unusual pet names in our neck of the woods? We'd really like to know and this can be really fun.

So, take liberty and write your pets name in the comments section below.


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