We all have had those days where we could swear that it was the hottest day of our life. It may not have been as hot as you thought it was on that day in Presque Isle, Maine.

Searching through the history of Presque Isle weather, we came across the hottest day in June in the Star City.

According to climatespy.com, the hottest day and year in June was on the 15th in the year 1988. The record shows that it was 99-degrees Fahrenheit or 37-degrees Celcius.

That's pretty hot. 

Since we're coming up in July, we thought we would see what year housed the hottest day in that month. On July 9, 1944, the temperatures in Presque Isle were 97.3-degrees Fahrenheit or 36-degrees Celcius.

What is the hottest day you remember? Tell us when and where you were.


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