Where’s the caboose?

We did some research and some real sleuthing to find out more about the legendary caboose from the old Burger King in Presque Isle, Maine.

Scott Wilson and his wife Greta from Presque Isle purchased the caboose and had it hauled to their private property on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. 

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What’s the plan with the caboose?

We talked to Greta on the phone and she told us what they plan to do with the caboose. (We also went to their property and talked to Scott - see below. We took some cool pictures too).

Greta Wilson said the plan is to refinish it back to when it was a caboose. The family bought the train in part because Greta’s dad likes trains. They made the purchase to have a place to have lunch and hang out with family. 

They also said they wanted to preserve it because it has a lot of memories for the community. It will be used privately on their land but they want the public to know it’s in good hands.

Greta said many of the framed pictures are still in the train from when it was at Burger King. One of the signs points out some of the origins of the caboose from May 1949.

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How did it get moved?

Greta said her husband Scott talked to Chris Langille to move it (Scott used to work for Chris). They got it loaded and moved it by truck and trailer Tuesday. 

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Days before, they had gone to the site to take measurements for the permit to move it. Scott said they bought the caboose for $1 from Bob Graves. Many people saw it being loaded and hauled and got a few photos.

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Seeing the caboose at its new home

We went to the Wilson’s property to take pictures and talk to Scott Wilson.

He said they plan to bring the train back to its original form when it was used on the railroad. They are in touch with the railroad company to get parts like lights and  wheels for the caboose. He said they want to put it on tracks in the backyard. He’ll take some tables out, but leave some seats and tables in the car.

Now that the Wilson’s own the train, they want to keep it in the family. He said they also bought it to continue the memories. Scott didn’t want the train to be taken away. He wanted to keep it in Aroostook County.

Burger King Memories

Scott used to work at Burger King and was there when the caboose was put in. At one point there was a playground that had to be removed to make way for the train. He started working there in the 1980's. A playground at Burger King was taken out to make room for the caboose next to the restaurant.

One of Scott’s memories of the caboose at BK was how the kids were excited and had big smiles on their faces. It made you happy watching the kids be happy, he said. You could have private parties or reserve the train for parties. Scott would have breaks in the train when he was working there.

A lot of the pictures are still up that people might remember when they ate there. 

Share your photos and memories in the comments on our Facebook page. Everyone would love to see them and remember the good memories of the caboose at Burger King in Presque Isle.

New Home for the Caboose from the Old Burger King in Presque Isle

The Caboose at the Old Burger King in Presque Isle, Maine