Perhaps you've heard the phrase "a tale of two Maines". If you're looking for a definition, it's never been more evident than the commute on Tuesday morning. For people in southern and central Maine, they awoke to an annoyance. Some light snow covered the ground and wind gusts made the air temperature feel bitter. But in northern Maine? Well, it was like filling up your vehicle with nightmare fuel.

Shared on Facebook by Nichole Smith, watch this short video of her commute from Mars Hill to Presque Isle on Tuesday morning and then watch it again. Why? Because each time you'll find something new that you probably didn't see on the first run. An absolute whiteout along the route, mixed with powerful wind gusts led to a short commute that feels like a scene from John Carpenter's "The Thing" instead of a Tuesday morning in March in Maine.

The dash cam video shows just how little reaction time anyone has behind the wheel during conditions that eliminate visibility. Despite the fact that almost all the cars in the oncoming traffic lane has their emergency flashers on, you can't see them until the driver is almost right on top of the car in the video. Treacherous driving situation.

So yes, waking up to some power outages and some light snow on the ground was an annoyance across most of Maine this morning. But 10 out of 10 times, you'll take sunshine and some wind gusts over driving into impending doom. Stay safe out there.

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