I don’t care if you’re a cat person or not, you can admit to the fact that Maine Coon cats are beautiful animals.

There is no other house pet as gorgeous as a majestic Maine Coon. They can be cuddly and sweet, sassy, and full of personality.

A Tik Tok famous Maine Coon cat, Barny, is full of both personality and class.

This is a cat who knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like, which is common in their species.

Funny Maine Coon Cat Video

As someone who lives alone, I have been aching for a feline friend.

I want something to pour my love into and that loves me unconditionally, a furry friend waiting for me to get home and is excited to see me and snuggle at the end of a long day.

To make me want a cat even more, I get bombarded with cat videos daily on my timeline. Barny pops up a lot and his class and demeanor crack me up.

@mainecoon.barny You won't comb me 😠#mainecooncat #blackmainecoon #mainskamyvalikocka #mainecooncattalking #catcombing ♬ původní zvuk - mainecoon.barny

Long-haired cats need to be brushed, there’s no getting around that unless you want a clumpy cat growing fur balls around your space, so their long hair needs to be taken care of.

Barny’s owner was just trying to do a routine brushing and he kindly voices, “no, don’t do that.”

What noise is he making?! It doesn’t even sound like a cat.

I love the way he softly brushes away his owner, gently sticking his paw out to tell her to stop. Most cats may throw a fit, hiss, or even try to paw it away, but Barny just gently says, “no” in the cutest way.

He has better things to do, like staring out the window and enjoying the sun and nature outside.

Barny is a polite boy! But, I’m sorry Barny, you need to get brushed!

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