There is stunning new footage from a security camera that captured part of the shooting on Sunday in Presque Isle. You can watch Mason Langille of Mapleton racing up and down the Dupont Drive area. The resident was kind enough to give us permission to share the footage, in part, to give others an idea of how scary a situation this was.  

The footage is just about a minute long and you will want to turn the volume up on the video and carefully listen, even when the truck is off the screen. In this video, you can hear multiple rounds fired off as the truck went through the area. Give the video a watch.

My hope is that people watching this will realize the seriousness of what occurred in Presque Isle in the early morning hours on Sunday. The stories that we could have been writing could have been worse, but I am thankful they are not. However, if there is anyone who thinks there are no consequences for bringing GTA to life, then read the charges facing Langille. So far, he has been charged with aggravated reckless conduct, criminal threat with a dangerous weapon, possessing a loaded gun inside a vehicle, and for discharging a gun in a residential neighborhood. 

It is believed that an AR-15 rifle was the firearm that Langille had used on Sunday. Residents in the areas of Dupont Drive, Dudley St, Maple St, Cedar St, Harvest Lane, and the Mantle Lake Park area were asked on Sunday to carefully search their properties to look for the firearm. Fortunately, this night ended with nobody being injured and the rifle was recovered. A special thank you goes to Keith Wilcox, for the footage. 

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