It’s been six years since the passing of Nate Dogg, who died on March 15, 2011 from complications related to his two strokes in 2007 and 2009. Legendary producer Warren G is honoring the late hook king’s legacy in a new documentary called G-Funk.

The film had its official premiere at SXSW in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday (March 15). The documentary, directed by Karam Gill, chronicles the ‘90s West Coast hip-hop scene and how Warren G developed the G-Funk sound. The documentary shows footage of the first time Warren ever played the "Regulate" beat for Nate Dogg who eventually recorded his classic vocals on it.

After the movie was over, Warren held a Q&A session to discuss some of the pivotal moments in the film. When an audience member reminded him that it’s the sixth anniversary of Nate Dogg's death, the “Regulate” producer said that he doesn’t get sentimental about it.

"I keep Nate alive. That’s part of my show. It’s rough. That was one of my dawgs...My brother to me," he said (via HipHopDX). "I don’t get sad about it. I keep him alive. He wouldn’t want me sitting up here on some sentimental s---. He be like, 'N----, blaze that s--- up and get it crackin’. You know what it is.”

Warren G added that as long as he's making music, Nate Dogg's legacy will continue to live on. “We gon’ do it ‘til the casket drops. Period," he stated. "Musically, I miss him. Really, really bad. That was my dawg. A lot of music I do with new artists, sometimes they don’t understand it. Like damn, Nate would nail this s--- right now. This is a hit. Sometimes it’s hard to get an artist to understand it.”

Warren G's G-Funk is expected to arrive in theaters later this year.

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