With the first hint of frost just now arriving three weeks into the month, September is expected to go down as the warmest on record in Aroostook County.


The National Weather Service reports the average temperature at Caribou so far this month–as of September 19th–was 65.7°F. That's 8.7 degrees above normal–the warmest start to September on record at Caribou.

Meteorologists say there has only been one day this month with an average temperature below normal. This comes on the heels of a record warm August for Caribou and much of Aroostook County.

At Bangor, the average temperature so far this month of 69.1°F is 8.1 degrees above normal–also the warmest September on record. The average temperature in Bangor has been above normal every day this month so far.

Barring an extreme drop in temperatures for the final week of September, it looks like records may be set all over New England.

National Weather Service