The Maine State Police responded to an accident in Stacyville on Tuesday evening. Authorities say a car struck an Amish buggy from behind, on the Station Road. .

Maine State Police

Nancy Perkins of Patten, was traveling north in her 2019 Ford when she struck the buggy from behind. The horse drawn cart was being maneuvered by Lydia Miller of Stacyville, at the time of the crash. Three daughters of Lydia were riding in the cart and were ejected, when the cart was struck.  

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

In the accident report, Miller says that she noticed the car rapidly approaching them and she attempted to get the cart as far out of the way as she could. After striking the buggy, Perkins’ car then struck a mailbox and came to a rest on the opposite side of the driveway. Miller also stated that the had a lantern lit at the time and the bottom portion of the cart was lined with reflective tape.  

Lydia Miller appeared to have some minor abrasions, but refused treatment from first responders. Two of the daughters with Miller, were taken by the Patten Ambulance to a local doctor to receive stitches. Nancy Perkins did not need to receive any medical treatment. The horse at the front of the cart was not injured and was attended to by members of the Amish community.   

Along with the MSP, the Patten Ambulance and Amish community assisted with cleanup at the scene. The horse drawn cart was busted apart and Perkins’ car had to be towed to a nearby garage.

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