This is probably the only park in Presque Isle where you can do these two fun things. If there’s another palace around with a FRISBEE GOLF and TETHERBALL, let us know. 

(We think this is all Downing Park. Close enough - it's all right there in the same area).

How about a game of tetherball?

Start with the tetherball. Now this looks like fun. This just kind of comes out of nowhere. The tetherball right in the middle of a nice grassy area with some houses just off the trail. Talk about a good work out - and something you can do by yourself if no one else is with you. Upper body movement and reaching and moving the body - it wears you out just thinking about it, but that’s the idea - exercise.

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When I was young, my friend's sister dominated at this game. I’m not just talking about being good. I’m saying she could beat anyone. Once she got the ball wrapping around the pole up high, she could finish off everybody. You didn’t want to go up against her.

Anyone up for some frisbee golf?

Now onto the frisbee golf hole. Who put this here? It’s a great idea, but catches you by surprise. There’s just the one hole. A good place to practice your short game since there’s no real space to wind up and hurl a frisbee. As much as I love frisbee (I haven't played in a long time) and golf (I haven't played in a really long time) I think I would love frisbee golf. Next time I’ll bring my disk.

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After you wear yourself out, there’s some nice shaded seating in the park. The trees are nice and the park is very well maintained (garbage can for trash and doggie bags too).

Downing Park in Presque Isle, Maine

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