At this point, we’ve no idea what to expect from Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival, particularly if David Lynch will allow for any real trailer. All the same, our first official look at the cast’s grand return is here, along with a few scant new details of the “feature film in 18 parts.”

Entertainment Weekly debuted three new covers for the May 21 revival, featuring the cast of Wendy Robie (Nadine Hurley), Everett McGill (Big Ed), James Marshall (James Hurley), Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer/Maddie Ferguson), creator David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan (Dale Cooper), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne), Madchen Amick (Shelly Johnson), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs) and Peggy Lipton (Norma Jennings).

And some fresh photos of returning cast:

Lynch was notably tight-lipped, but among the details gleamed in the cover story, we know the director shot with digital cameras in several cities, indicating action outside of the title town. David Duchovny is definitely back as Denise, and Showtime boss David Nevins teases “What I think is satisfying about the new version is that it’s a deeper exploration of that stuff. What is the Red Room? How does the Red Room work? Where is Agent Cooper? Can he make it back?”

Ahead of the May 21 double-premiere, here’s that giant cast list again:

Showtime Twin Peaks Cast List

We’ll see (somewhat) more in the coming weeks, but stay tuned for the latest Twin Peaks happenings as they arrive.

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