If you live in Maine and haven't noticed all of the snow we've accumulated, then you either need to get out more or you're just not paying attention.

If we're talking about snowmobile riding, skiing, and snowboarding and the like, then snow is a wonderful thing.

However, if we're talking about shoveling the stuff, well, that's a whole different story.

Therefore, when it comes to snow in Maine, one must figure out some really cool ways to remove snow without breaking their back.

Not everyone has a snowblower, nor can they afford one and paying someone with a truck and a plow can be very expensive. So, other alternatives are in order.

That being said, here's where we apply the old adage that grandpa used to tell us, "Learn to work smarter and not harder."

Here are the top 5 snow shoveling hacks that everyone in Maine should know.



  • Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Scott Olson, Getty Images

    Spray Your Shovel With Cooking Oil

    This will help the wet, heavy snow slide right off your shovel, instead of sticking to it. Be sure to wipe your shovel down when you're done.

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    Socks Over Your Shoes

    This may seem a bit weird, but people in New Zealand swear by it. According to a study in the New Zealand Medical Journal, unneeded falls on icy roads and walkways were avoided by putting socks over their boots for more traction.

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    A Homemade Di-Icing Cocktail

    Since salt is so hard on hot top in your dooryard and on the concrete on your walkways, may we tempt you with a de-icing cocktail instead? Simply mix 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water and spray before the snow storm. To keep your steps and walkways from icing over, simply add 2 parts rubbing alcohol with 1 part water.

  • Christopher Furlong, Getty Images
    Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

    Move To Florida

    This has got to be the best way to remove snow. Just move! Then you won't have to worry about the snow.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Get The Kids To Do It

    If you have kids, then why in the world are you out there shoveling in the first place? Don't have kids? Then you can hire the neighbor kids to shovel your snow.

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