What are the most popular baby names in New Brunswick?

An interesting trend in the province is the diversity of names. Of the more than six-thousand births last year, there were more than two-thousand names chosen.

Preliminary results released by the Vital Statistics Office at Service New Brunswick show that 6,015 children were born in the province in 2016, with 3,043 males and 2,972 females.

Service New Brunswick Minister Ed Doherty says there were 983 different names given to boys in 2016 and 1,227 different names given to girls born in the province.


The most common names for boys were:

Liam, Jacob, William, Thomas, Noah, Benjamin, Samuel, Jack, Owen, Mason, Jaxon, Xavier, Caleb, Oliver, Lincoln, Olivier, Lucas, Isaac, Jackson, James, Chase, Carter, Logan, Jaxson, Hunter, Simon, Grayson, Alexander, Ethan, Maxime, Nathan, Wyatt, Jayden, Dominic, Emmett, Ryker, Henry and Cohen.

The most common names for girls were:

Emma, Olivia, Charlotte, Sophia, Ellie, Mia, Evelyn, Anna, Amelia, Lily, Hailey, Abigail, Madison, Grace, Ava, Audrey, Sophie, Zoey, Sadie, Peyton, Annabelle, Claire, Addison, Scarlett, Leah, Emily, Violet, Avery, Rosalie, Lauren, Ella, Alexa, Alice, Lillian, Hannah, Brooklyn, Charlie and Lydia.

Said Doherty,  “I congratulate all the families who celebrated new arrivals over the past year. Our children are our future. A youthful and vibrant population helps build a stronger province and a stronger economy.”

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