Yes, there is an animal that can eat poison ivy and not have it affect them, whatsoever.

You've heard of G.O.A.T, well there is a reason why greatest of all time, spells out the word, Goat  because they truly are, the greatest!

There are so many homes in Maine that are itching to find a solution to the relentless reign of poison ivy on their property. Fear not! All you have to do: buy a goat!

Yup, the animal.

They are kings of the plant kingdom and will munch your poison ivy without being affected.

According to Goats to Go, sheep eat grass but goats do so much more. They love poison ivy because it's very leafy and thick. On any given day, a goat can consume several pounds of brush and gobble down tons of different invasive and annoying plants, like poison ivy.

Many people in Maine own farms and if you have a terrible poison ivy problem, the goat can be the like the superheroes you never thought you needed!

According to the Portland Press Herald, they used Scapegoats at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust to eat the poison ivy properties. Calling them an "eco-friendly way to control invasive and nuisance plants on trust properties."

Poison ivy has been an enemy to humans for centuries. Giving us all discomfort, itchiness and rashes. But natures very own goats have a purpose to serve to help us all.

Not to mention, they are also super cute to look at. As the site states, goats possess a superpower that sets them a part from other animals where they are bale to digest invasive or toxic plants without being affected.

You can also forget about buying expensive chemical treatments each year. Just buy a goat and call it a day!

It's time to unleash the G.O.A.T.s and let them graze their way to victory!

Remember, I am not a doctor or goat professional, just a writer who has an affinity for animals that are heroes. So make sure to consult a professional if you really want to buy a goat to eat your ivy!

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