According to my sharktivity app, there was another Great White Shark spotted at 4:41 pm today at Head Of The Meadow. The beach was closed again!

Maybe these eye stickers are what we need to protect ourselves off the coast of Cape Cod. If you must go into the ocean and nothing will stop you from surfing, then this might be a good idea.

It makes sense to me.

An Australian surfer Shanan Worrall thinks “Shark Eyes” stickers may be the key to preventing shark attacks on surfers, according to

The Web blog “Insider” reports that the Australian surfer has been in the water during three Great White Shark attacks and had a fellow surfer die from an attack.  He took the information that Great White Sharks are ambush predators and decided to take a clue from Mother Nature and paint shark eyes on the bottom of his surfboard.

The idea seems a bit crazy, but sharks are ambush predators, so I think the idea is brilliant.  If a shark thinks they have been spotted, they move on to easier prey.  Think of all the butterflies and moths that have unique patterns that look like large eyes.  They developed those eye-like spots to deter predators.

While Great White Shark attacks are rare, they are almost always fatal.

According to, Worrall offers no guarantee that the large eye stickers will prevent an attack but for surfers who love their sport, it’s worth a try.

I’m still not swimming in the ocean, even if I am covered in those stickers.

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