As a big movie fan, having a theatre right around the corner that's really comfortable is a very cool thing. We've got a ton of movie theaters in Maine, but I think I just found a new favorite!

This weekend, we went to see the new Alien movie at Flagship Cinemas in Falmouth. The experience we has was beyond incredible!

At Flagship in Falmouth, each seat is a super-large recliner lets you go allllll the way back, and completely stretch out, just like you would at home. They have powered recliners, so you just have to push a button. It wasn't even until the movie started that I realized another amazing feature... Each row is spaced far enough apart, so other people in your row can walk by without making you get up, even when you're fully reclined. A+ for design!

And the best part? You can reserve specific seats ahead of time online, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck somewhere you don't want to be.

Flagship Cinemas has locations in Maine in Auburn, Falmouth, Oxford, Thomaston, Waterville and Wells. Check out their website here.

Jeff from the Q Morning Show went last year when they opened, and he liked it! (and if Jeff likes something, it must be reallllllly good!)

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