Pay attention this holiday season

As the Christmas season moves in on us, it's time to make preparations for any guests you may be hosting at your home. During the holidays we have guests stop in and say hi, and we also have guests that show up without notice.

The nerve to just enter my home unannounced

The guests that show up to our home unannounced, can sometimes leave a mess behind. In my home, we have these two guests who show up every year the morning after Thanksgiving. These two don't leave until Christmas morning. Our two guests like to get into mischief and other types of shenanigans.

Introduce yoursELVES! 

My guests go by the names of Plum and Peppermint. They're names are as unique as their behavior during the Christmas bustle. There have been mornings when I get ready for the day to find that Plum and Peppermint have written something to my daughter, in toothpaste. They have strung toilet paper all through the house and have been known to get into our refrigerator for a snack.  


If you haven't guessed by now, my guests are the infamous Elf on the Shelf! For most of our little girl's life, these two have magically appeared and brought many good memories and mischief. I have to say, Plum and Peppermint are well-behaved and are respectful of our home. I have seen elves who have cut their human's hair in the night, and elves that have flattened tires so that the parents can stay home that day!  

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Let's see what your intruders do to your home..

What has the Elf in your house done in the past? As these elves begin to show up in the coming weeks, be sure to share what your elf is up to with us. Send pictures of your elf to We will compile all of the greatest Elf on the Shelf moments in Aroostook County and New Brunswick, and share them with you.  Enjoy the season!

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