Living in small town Maine can be a blessing on many different levels, depending on what you want out of life. But an alleged murder is not something you want to hear about.

Evelyn Pomerleau was a 69-year-old woman who worked at a local 7-Eleven in Waterville, Maine. Her main passion was to help truckers, who would stop into her store while traveling across Maine.

To the CB community that she lived in, her handle was 'Bionic Woman'. She was a widow and was pretty well-known in the Waterville area as she used to have a store of her own called, "Pomerleau's Market", which was located on Waterville's south-side in the 1970"s.

People knew her as feisty, friendly, a great cook, and known by every beat cop and law enforcement officer in her community.

However, on May 1, 1989, Evelyn's grandson, Jim Hamilton came home from work, in his usual fashion, and found the door unlocked. His grandmother loved her community but also realized that it was dangerous.

Even when her grandson, Jim, came home and knocked on the door, she would have him slip his drivers license under the door to confirm it was him.

But not on that particular night.

That night, something seemed odd to Jim. The door was unlocked and ajar, grandma wasn't on the couch and her CB radio was gone! Working in law enforcement is a tiring job and Jim thought to go and check on his grandmother but went to bed instead.

He woke up the next morning and went off to work to be there for his next shift. It wasn't until he returned home that he realized that the newspaper was still on the sidewalk. Grandma hadn't picked it up.

Jim rushed into his grandmother's room and found the bed, what seemed to be, neatly made except for one thing. The tiny woman's foot was sticking out from under the bed sheet.

She was dead.

After investigating, the police determined that the 'Bionic Woman', Evelyn Pomerleau had been a victim of a homicide, in part, because the Coroner said she died of a ruptured blood vessel. The CB radio was never found, but her purse and checkbook were found a block away.

What actually happened to Maine's Bionic Woman? Who would do such a thing to this woman? According to one report, there was no evidence of forced entry.

Could it have been someone local she knew? But if so, who? Or could she have been trying to help someone on the CB radio who was passing through Waterville and they did her in? Or did she die naturally because a blood vessel burst in her body?

It's hard to tell, but even to this day, the alleged murder has yet to be solved on who killed Maine's Bionic Woman.

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