Jaws were on the floor..or should we say, the track, last weekend when it was announced that Scarborough's iconic Beech Ridge Motor Speedway had been sold to an unnamed real estate developer. Not totally surprising, but certainly the end of an era. Beech Ridge started in 1949, and since then, over 2000 drivers have competed at this legendary short track.

If you've ever been to the speedway, you know it's a real family affair. Many of the local drivers who compete only make enough prize money to be able to take care of their vehicle so they can race again...a true labor of love.

And then there are the crashes! The flips! The burnouts!

Below are some of our favorite thrills and spills.

The annual Car Wars at Beech Ridge was always a crowd-pleaser. Check out this awesome action:


Did someone say BACKWARDS drag racing? Yup. These drivers were actually damn good at racing in reverse. Don't try this at home, kids!



Perhaps my favorite annual event was the ramp jump competition at Car Wars. So fun!



Some Beech Ridge Fun Facts: 

  • Beech Ridge is one of about 900 short tracks in the USA
  • Since 1949, 75 different drivers have been crowned champions at Beech Ridge.
  • Beech Ridge is the only short track that gives their winners checkered flags to keep forever.
  • There are a bunch of drivers who came out of Beech Ridge and had great racing careers.  Former NASCAR Sprint Cup driver and Maine native Ricky Craven,  Joe Bessey, Kevin Lepage, and Steve Park all raced at Beech Ridge.
  • The last Day of Destruction before the track closes will be September 17th. Long live Beech Ridge, and thanks for the great memories!

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