Ron Argraves is Closing Service First Automotive

I’ve been going to Ron Argraves shop for the last seven and a half years to get my vehicles worked on. 

I have to say I was bummed out when I heard he is closing Service First Automotive in Mapleton. So I called Ron and talked to him about the decision. (I also have some work to do on my car and wanted to schedule it).

Reason for Closing and New Job

Ron said he is closing due to lack of help. He said business is good with a lot of things to do, but he’s been working extremely long hours for a long time. The good news for Ron is he already has a job offer to maintain a fleet of commercial vehicles for a local business. He said the job is really good and he’s looking forward to it.

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Many Years as a Local Mechanic

As far as the shop on Griffin Ridge Road, Ron is going to look to sell it eventually. He’s been doing work on vehicles from that location for the last 14 years. Before Argraves opened his own place, he worked for 13 years at TA Service Center in Presque Isle.

Open for the Next Few Weeks

For the next couple of weeks, Ron’s mechanic will be at the garage during regular business hours. J.J. has worked on my vehicle and he’s really good. Ron will also be at Service First in the afternoon for the next few weeks - from around 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. He said he wants to finish up some things for customers, and get some last minute stuff done.

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A Great Place to do Business

Ron and I talked about what he means to me and his many customers. Always a great man to do business with. But it’s more than that. You know he’ll do a great job and give you the best price. But it’s even deeper than that. You can trust Ron - and he’s a friend. He makes time for you and your vehicle and has always made me feel welcome to call and visit the shop.

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Thank You Ron and Service First

Ron wanted to thank his many loyal customers. He was proud to help keep friends,  family and neighbors on the road safely, and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Thank You Ron and your whole crew for always being the best.

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