Aroostook County's extended winter cold snap finally eased a little on Wednesday, with the high temperature reaching 20°F for the first time in nearly two weeks. 

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While it's no heat wave, it is nice to feel the sun warming the Arctic air that's settled in all month.

The National Weather Service Office in Caribou says the average temperature so far this month at Caribou was -0.6°F, which is 13 degrees below the February average. While we can count on the days to warm up soon, it looks like February 2015 will be the coldest one in the record books.

Here are the previous all-time coldest Februaries on record at Caribou:

1.  February 1993   4.1°F
2.  February 1948   4.7°F
3.  February 1963   6.0°F
4.  February 1972   6.4°F
5.  February 1959   6.7°F