Thanksgiving is a very festive and, for the most part, an enjoyable holiday.


However, it can be somewhat frustrating as well. There's the logistics of it. Do you and your "significant other" host a big feast at your place, or do you travel to relatives or friends for the Thanksgiving meal there? Sometimes it feels like a tug of war of who goes where.

And how do you handle getting together with family? There's your relatives and his/her family. Do you eat at both places? Better allow for the loosening of the belt another notch or two if you do that. Do you eat the big meal at one location and then go to the other's family for dessert and coffee? Do you see the dilemma I'm talking about?

If you live in one town and your "significant other's" family is in another and you're both hosting, that complicates things even further. Do you go there after the meal or do they come to your home? Or do you not see each other at all?

These are some of the questions that keep me up at night.I guess the important thing is you're together with family or friends on Thanksgiving no matter where it is. Whatever you do or wherever you go, have a happy Thanksgiving.

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