Teen suicide has been around for decades. It's sad when we hear about a teen who takes their own life. Suicide among teen girls is on the rise in America.

In recent years, the suicide rate in teen girls have tripled in the nation however, teen suicide has been on the rise over the past 20 years.

Much of the attempted suicide is due to social pressure among teen girls, that according to Dr. Joan Luby, MD a child adolescent psychologist with the Washington University of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. She also stated that an early onset of puberty could be another reason as well.

If you have a teen daughter, or know of one, some of the signs to look out for are feeling hopeless, talking about death a lot and depression, just to name a few.

There is help. If you would like more advice to help you not only identify a potential suicidal tendency, but also how to get help and support, talk to someone who has been through it here.

A Center for Disease Control report showed that suicide is increasing among all age groups under 75-years old, but the biggest number are from teen girls.




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